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International and Sweden

Bengt Carlsson

Tel: +46-(0)-761-720186
Address: Köpenhamnsvägen 47 C, SE-217 71 Malmö, Sweden

Gunnar Andersson

Tel: +46 (0)705-174407
Address: Hägerstensvägen 126, SE-126 49 Hägersten, Sweden


ORDBILDARNA in South Africa

John Roux

Tel: +27 21 797 8244

John is an experienced organisation development consultant, evaluator, trainer, writer and editor, based in Cape Town. He has worked for 27 years in the civil society sector, and for 15 years on municipal development programmes. He has conducted over 40 external evaluations of organisations, programmes and partnerships in all development sectors. John offers the following services

  • External evaluations of organisations, programmes, projects and partnerships
  • Evaluation of M&E systems
  • Developmental management and leadership training
  • Results-based management / PMER (planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting) training
  • Facilitation of internal reviews and strategic planning
  • Action learning facilitation
  • Teambuilding
  • Writing and editing publications, brochures, website texts, etc.



Zolzaya Lhagvasuren

Tel: +976-91913851

ORDBILDARNA offers the following services through our Mongolian colleague Ms L Zolzaya and her local network of Master Trainers and other resource persons:

  • Provide information, analysis and advice, including legal advice, to clients on political, social, security and foreign policy developments in Mongolia with a focus on governance and civil society development
  • Research and collect information directly from Mongolian and other sources, including government agencies, academics, NGOs and multilateral organisations, related to specific themes
  • Consultancy and training in leadership development, training  management, organisational development, local self-governance, and training of trainers
  • Organisation of training events, conferences, seminars, study-tours and learning journeys
  • Project feasibility studies, planning and management
  • Translation and interpretation, documenting, editing and printing of publications such as project reports, training materials, presentations, brochures, etc.
  • Partnerships with Mongolian companies and organisations, and associated legal advice
  • Logistical support, including travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Introduction to Mongolian culture and society.

Zolzaya has more than 15 years of experience working on international development programmes and projects in the field of governance and leadership development. She has extensive practical experience in supporting consultancies, facilitating learning processes, training of trainers, and training materials development. She has also coordinated and managed complex programmes and projects, and successfully led participants to achieve significant results. She has an academic background in linguistics and pedagogy, an MBA in Public Service from Birmingham University and a Law Degree from the Mongolian National University. She is a highly respected consultant with a nation-wide network in Mongolia.