ORDBILDARNA was established in 1986. The following selection of project references are from the past ten years. For more information or project references, please contact us.


Feasibility study on resilience in local governance in Syria’s neighbours (2016-2017)

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) was assigned by Sida to carry out a comprehensive feasibility study on local governance and resilience in Syria’s neighbours – Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey – and based on findings define large scale support programmes. Ordbildarna led and participated in the team of experts.
(Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


SymbioCity Kenya (2016-2017, Kenya)

The Kenya SymbioCity Programme (SCK) aims to develop the capacity of Kenyan stakeholders to guide Kenyan urban development in a more sustainable direction. The SymbioCity Approach supports cities in planning sustainably and identifying inclusive and innovative solutions to urban challenges through synergies between different urban systems. SCK consists of a number of components, out of which Ordbildarna has been facilitating one – Implementing urban development projects in seven pilot cities, based on the SymbioCity Approach and with an investment fund for implementation of innovative solutions.
(Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Governance in Social Care Iraq (2012–2017, Iraq)

The project aims to strengthen governance and service delivery within the social care sector at provincial level in Iraq. Two Iraqi provinces are involved in the partnership and activities include training, action learning programmes, research and analysis, learning visits, manual development and practical improvements in the operations of service delivery organisations. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Leadership Development at UMT (2015-2016, Turkey)

A component of the TUSELOG project. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) is working in partnership with the Union of Turkish Municipalities (UMT) to develop and implement their strategic plan. As part of this an Organisation Development Team has been set up to strengthen the internal institutional capacity of UMT. Tasks include to develop and implement a series of leadership development workshop for the senior management of UMT and to develop written guidelines for strategic leadership.
(Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Good Governance and Decentralisation in Rwanda (2013-2016, Rwanda)

The purpose of the programme is to support the Rwandan Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA) in the establishment of a Master’s Programme in Local Government Studies. Tasks include to develop and quality assure 11 written modules of approximately 300 pages each, guiding RALGA through the official accreditation procedures, and supporting the establishment of a Local Government Training Institute, and leading a team consisting of Rwandan project management, ten Rwandan module writers, and experts from the University of Johannesburg.
(Main client: SIPU International, funded by GIZ


Skånes Kultursortscentrum (2015-2017, Sweden)

A research and feasibility study to develop a regional centre for sustainable agriculture/agroecology and cultivation of heritage grains, vegetables, fruits and berries. Main themes: Innovative, climate-smart, low-impact organic farming for environmental and agricultural biodiversity; Top quality nutritional food to promote human health; Breeding heritage varieties, and post-harvest handling of grains; Dialogue and knowledge sharing among farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, retailers and consumers.
(Client: Natura Stiftelsen, Sweden)


Vårt Älskade Bröd (2014-2017, Sweden)

The Our Beloved Bread project is managed jointly with the non-profit association Allkorn. It promotes better grains and bread to address various modern health problems, and develops knowledge and awareness of the connections between environmental concerns, agriculture, food and health. It involves organic farmers in participatory evolutionary plant breeding and farming heritage grains suitable for our nutritional needs and changing climate. It also promotes the use of heritage grains in sourdough, whole-grain, long fermentation breadmaking. Finally, it promotes a home-grown grain economy by building networks of farmers, millers and bakers, to reduce the distance between field and plate, limit fossil fuel inputs and increase local food sovereignty.
(Client: Regional Council of Skåne/Sweden)


Training of Trainers, M&E Directorate, Department of Planning and Devolution (2015, Kenya)

National M&E officials were trained as trainers, who will train M&E officials in all 49 Counties to implement the Kenyan Government National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System. This active learning workshop involved understanding key learning and training concepts, and practice in planning training workshops, making presentations and facilitating training sessions, based on the principle that “We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.” – John Holt
(Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Evaluation of ICLD (2015, Sweden)

International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) commissioned OXFORD RESEARCH to carry out an organisation-wide evaluation. An evaluation team of five persons was set up. Tasks include serving as the local governance and decentralisation expert, to quality assure methodological approach, surveys and questionnaires, and participate in the analysis and recommendation phase.
(Main client: OXFORD RESEARCH, funded by ICLD)


The SymbioCity Approach Project (2010–2017, Sweden)

The SymbioCity Approach Project implemented by SKL International (affiliated to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) focuses on sustainable urban development. The project includes developing manuals and publications on the SymbioCity Approach, sustainable urban development, developing and implementing training programmes, and establishing partnerships in developing and transitional countries. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Citizen Service Centre Development in Duyun (2012–2013, China)

The project is a partnership between the City of Duyun and Eskilstuna Municipality and the aim is to establish pilot Citizen Service Centres in Duyun in order to improve accessibility of responsive services for Duyun inhabitants. The project is one component under a broader cooperation agreement between the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and the Chinese Association of Mayors. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Sustainable farming and fruit growing (2012–2013, Sweden)

Action learning programmes for organic farming with old cereal varieties, milling and baking using whole grain and sour dough, and marketing of healthy products. Organic fruit orchard development and production of fruit juice and cider. (Main client: Regional Council and County Administrative Board of Skåne and EU)


Occupational Health & Safety in Agriculture and Forestry (2010–2013, Sweden)

Action learning programme for leaders and staff in agriculture and forestry with the purpose of minimising occupational health and safety risks and reducing incidents and accidents. (Main client: The Federation of Swedish Farmers)


Handbooks on Municipal Service Improvement (2011, South Africa)

Developing a handbook on Tariff Setting and revising a handbook on Service Improvement for a partnership between local government associations in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana (SALGA, ALAN, BALA) and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). (Main client: SKL International, funded by EU)


Leadership & Management Handbook for the Swedish National Audit Office International Cooperation (2010– 2012, Sweden)

Developing a comprehensive leadership development handbook (six booklets, 300 pages) for SNAO auditors supporting international partners; coaching SNAO staff on how to integrate management and leadership support with assisting partners to improve their audit work, and how to organise effective learning events with partner organisations. (Main client and funded by: Swedish National Audit Office)


Transformed Iraqi Local Governance Preparatory Project (2010–2011, Iraq/Sweden)

Needs analysis and strategy development for a long-term cooperation programme on strengthening governance in three provinces. Tasks included facilitating workshops, designing questionnaires and surveys, organising learning visits to Sweden, publication development and developing programme proposals together with Iraqi partners. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)


Development of Training Programmes (2009, Vietnam)

This project assisted the Ninh Binh Province Public Administration Reform Office to develop three training programmes and materials: Fighting Poverty, Gender Mainstreaming and Grassroots Democracy. The consultancy was carried out in cooperation with a team of Vietnamese consultants and university lecturers. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by NORAD)


Capacity Building of Georgian Leadership (2010–2012, Georgia)

This project was implemented with the Georgian Foundation of International and Strategic Studies (GFISS) to: Build capacity in public administration, public policy and negotiations; to establish a Georgian-language public policy and a negotiations training programme at GFISS; to improve human resource management by developing training programmes and materials and training HR staff. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Training Capacity Building at Moldovan Academy for Public Administration (2007–2010, Moldova)

The Training Capacity Building was part of a major World Bank Public Financial Management Project to develop the capacity of officials to manage public finances. The project trained a cadre of trained trainers for the Academy and developed a training curriculum and materials for 18 modules on public financial management. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida/World Bank)


Leadership for the Development of a Learning Organisation (2006–2010, Mongolia)

As part in the Mongolian Government Civil Service Reform Strategy, this project developed the leadership capacity of managers to meet the needs of citizens, pro-actively respond to changing circumstances and focus on outcomes. The Project strengthen the capacity of
• Senior and middle managers as leaders
• the Mongolian Civil Service Council to manage training and development programmes
• the Mongolian Master Trainers network to deliver quality leadership training
• Mongolian leadership training programmes in the area of training materials.
The project trained 3 000 general managers (4+3+2 days plus fieldwork), 72 Master Trainers, and 40 senior executives, trained the Civil Service Council to fulfill its legal mandate, developed seven handbooks, and organized learning programmes in Sweden. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Learning Journeys (2007, South Africa)

This project developed two handbooks on how to improve the quality and results of inter-organisational learning via study tours, learning exchanges, site visits, etc. The handbooks (one for coordinators and facilitators, the other for sponsors, hosts and participants) were developed through a 4-module interactive training and materials development process, involving participants from WIN-SA (Water Information Network South Africa) and their partner organisations. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Human Resources Management and Institution Building (2006–2007, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

The project focused on Human Resource Development policies, strategies and training programmes; institution building, organisational development, team building and financial management; HR handbooks; management development; staff and equity policies and planning, public service ethical standards and good governance, and performance agreements. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Operation and Maintenance of Water, Sanitation and Roads Infrastructure (2006–2010, Northern Cape, South Africa)

This project strengthened the capacity of municipalities and the Departments of Housing & Local Government and Water Affairs to improve management of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of water, sanitation, roads and stormwater services and infrastructure, through
• A provincial audit of municipal infrastructure and O&M capacity
• A Strategic O&M Development Plan
• Development of five O&M Handbooks
• A Pilot O&M Support Unit at Frances Baard District Municipality
• Training programmes for all mayors, municipal managers, technical managers and supervisors
• Development of management tools, procedures and work processes for the O&M Management Unit at the Department of Housing & Local Government
• Design and production of a quarterly newsletter on O&M issues.
(Main client: SIPU International, multi-funded)


SALAR – CAM Partnership – Holistic City Planning and Citizens Services (2008–2009, China/Sweden)

A five person expert group (two Swedes, three Chinese) researched citizens’ service centres (CSCs) in China and Sweden. The group developed a concept of CSCs applicable in medium-sized Chinese cities, and developed a handbook for Chinese mayors. Tasks include facilitation of workshops, organising site visits in Sweden, drafting texts, and holding discussions with Chinese Mayors. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida and CAM)


Sida Urban Development Programme, (1997–2007, South Africa)

Editing of Sida’s Urban Development Programme Report 1997-2007, consisting of eight booklets on Integrated municipal development; Township upgrading & community development; Housing; Transport and traffic safety; Environment; Waste management; Water & sanitation; HIV/AIDS; and Municipal partnerships. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Sustainable Communities Planning Guide (2006–2007, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa)

The project produced the Sustainable Community Planning Guide, a handbook on how to integrate municipality development planning with urban spatial planning, taking account of social, economic and environmental considerations. (Main client: SIPU International, funded by Sida)


Local Democracy and Governance Training Programme (2005–2008, Sweden/South Africa)

This programme built the capacity of local politicians and officials in four provinces by: Training of Training Managers in project planning and management, learning and training facilitation skills and training programme design; Developing a handbook on Training Management. (Main client: SKL International, funded by Sida)






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