Their operations are based on firm principles, honesty, confidence, and flexible action, which mean relating whatever we do to current conditions, needs and resources.

G Byambajav,
Mongolian Master Trainer

This team has a way of motivating people to get an excellent job done to very high standards.

Gert Meiring,
Civil Engineer,
South Africa

The approach that the international consultants used was very good. It served to enhance our capacities in planning, organizing and facilitating such programmes. The most innovative practice was their approach to learning.

Fatmir Demneri, Director,
Training Institute for
Public Administration, Albania

OrdBildarna is a highly reliable partner. We particularly appreciate their timely and efficient delivery as well as their strong integrity.

Paul Dixelius,
Development Director,
SKL International

I was involved in the preparation of the Water and Sanitation Operation and Maintenance Handbooks and only have praise for their patience, endurance, and persistence.

Gert Meiring,
Civil Engineer,
South Africa

Their approach to work is most commendable because it recognizes the capacity of people, irrespective of educational background, to think and also to contribute to what is being developed

Alex Rutabingwa,
National Project Coordinator,

The SymbioCity Approach

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